Behind the Covers: Reborn

Behind the cover of Reborn!

Designs by H.N.

cover for rebornfinal I had a lot of fun with this cover.  It was for a friend and I had read her whole novel when she posted it on her blog.  When she decided to publish it, I offered to help her with the cover and she allowed me to.  Thanks S.L.!  This book hit the best seller’s list on amazon (my third cover to get up there😉 ), so congrats to Miss Stacy.  I can’t wait to work on the cover for the sequel, Relapse, that’s due out this fall.


Behind the design:

  • The butterfly is a reference to the butterfly wings the main character gains after meeting her love interest.  It is something that was a central theme to the design.

  • Genre: New adult/paranormal romance

  • The hardest part of the design?  Working with low res images and trying to beef them up.  There’s a way to make low…

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