Character Profile: Peter

One of my fellow writers (and also my cover artist) Heidi asked me to share a character profile for Peter. Peter is one of my favorite characters in Reborn–probably because he embodies my favorite glam rock artists. He loves to gossip, and in Reborn he functions mostly as comic relief, but you’ll get to find out more about him and his “powers” in Relapse.

Age: Early 20s


  • Student at fictional college Thurston University
  • Keyboardist for punk rock band Search and Destroy

Physical Description:Tall; lanky; British; short, careless blonde hair; twinkling blue eyes; infectious grin; flamboyant

Revenge’s Gabriel Mann

Species: Demigod

Relationship Status: Single

Love interests: Anna is his ex-girlfriend

Other relationships: Jimmy, his best friend and band mate

Sexual Orientation: He doesn’t like labels


  • Outgoing
  • Flirtatious/playful
  • Funny/silly
  • Likes to keep friends in the loop


  • Impressionable
  • Nosey/a gossip


  • Gossiping
  • Performing (pianist and singer)

Power: Messenger between humans and the gods/goddesses

Inspiration: David Bowie

Who would play him in a movie: In my Reborn Dream Cast, I cast Revenge’s Gabriel Mann.

WIP Wednesday

The purpose of WIP (Work-In-Progress) Wednesdays is so I can set personal writing goals. It also serves as a way to let you all know what I’m working on. I hope you’ll join me and link back to your own or share in the comments!

To play, just fill in the following:

1. What are you currently writing?

2. Inspirations:

3. Plan for the upcoming week:


1. What are you currently writing?

I finished it! Part One of the Reborn sequel, that is. Teehee. ;-) Part One sits at about 37K, and I’m excited to keep going–I’m on sort of a roll right now (my muse has crappy timing). The sequel will have plenty of twists and turns, juicy college drama and epic romance (or maybe lust is a better word for it…). Some people have asked me about a release date–and I still don’t want to commit to an exact date yet–but it will (hopefully) be in late fall 2014. But I’m excited you’re excited. :-) I’ll choose an excerpt to post on here sometime soon.

2. Inspirations:

I really love describing clothes in my stories, especially fancy clothes, and I’m gearing up to write a dance scene. I want my main character Siobhan, who’s normally a pink-loving blonde, to wear a sophisticated, black cocktail dress, so I’ve been looking at dresses on Google Images. A change in her taste in fashion throughout the book is going to mirror her transformation in the book as she gives in more and more to her dark side. (I know, I’m so deep.) I was inspired by this scene in Legend (I also posted this video to the Facebook page last weekend) in which Princess Lily is dancing with this black dress, transforming from a fresh-faced innocent to a gothic princess in three minutes. By the way, 80s fantasy movies are the BEST.

3. Plan for the upcoming week:

Well, this might take me longer than a week, but at some point I really need to get Reborn up on Smashwords so it reaches more distributors. I’ll call it one of my April goals. That, and just to keep on writing…

Here are some possible dresses for Siobhan:

Checking Back in with Shannon A. Thompson

You may remember my interview back in August with author Shannon A. Thomspon, and I’m pleased to have her back to discuss her upcoming book, Seconds Before Sunrise, the sequel to Minutes Before Sunset. Check out her links below, followed by the interview and an excerpt from Seconds Before Sunrise!

MBSFinalCoverFind Seconds Before Sunrise on its Goodreads page and Minutes Before Sunset on Amazon.


SL: Tell us a little about Seconds Before Sunrise.

SAT: Book two begins one month after book one has ended. Eric has weeks left before his final battle when he loses his powers, and Jessica can’t remember anything – not quite anyway.

While the first book exposed the Dark, the second book revolves around what it is like to be a human in a paranormal world – though being human doesn’t prevent the thrill of action, the mystery of romance, and the occasional car wreck.

SL: What can fans of Minutes Before Sunset expect from the sequel?

SAT: Relationships of characters deepen, twists will happen around every turn, and not everyone will survive the finale.

SL: Where do you do most of your writing?

SAT: I write in many places, but I’ve currently done most of my writing in local places, like coffee shops and libraries.

SL: When do you do most of your writing? (Do you get up early to write? Stay up late?)

SAT: I am a complete night owl when it comes to writing, but I have been known to get up extra early – to the point where it is still considered nighttime – to write down a chapter or two.

SL: (I’m a night owl, too!) How did you conceive the idea for Minutes Before Sunset and Seconds Before Sunrise?

SAT: The trilogy is actually based off a series of dreams I had. When I was in high school, I was in a really dark place, and that’s when the dreams began, although they were so vivid that I often wondered if I was losing my mind. It started off with one boy visiting me, and The Timely Death Trilogy was born. Here’s an excerpt from one of my diaries:

SL: Are there additional books planned for this series? (Any idea of release dates?)

SAT: Oh, yes! It’s a trilogy, so there are three novels total. Death Before Daylight is the last installment, and it will expose everything the Light has been hiding. At this time, I am actually releasing the first of a new series before the last book of the trilogy, but it shouldn’t be too long. They are already written.

SL: Lionsgate Films wants to turn your book into a movie. Which actors/actresses could you see playing your main characters?

SAT: I would beg, beg, BEG them to do an open-casting call, although I asked my fans this question, and they have said a young River Phoenix or Nicolas Hoult for Eric and Rumour Willis as Jessica.

SL: What book are you currently reading?

SAT: I’m reading a lot of traditional collections right now. “The World’s Greatest Love Letters” compiled by Michael Kelahan is on my desk. I have a soft spot for older writings (and romance.)

SL: If you could meet any person, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

SAT: I would choose someone down my family line that I didn’t even know existed. (Like who my great-great-great-great-great grandmother was.) I’m not sure what I would learn, but I’m guaranteed to learn about the world from a perspective that I cannot even imagine since I can’t imagine who they must have been, and that would just be an adventure to learn where I come from that far back.

SL: Who is your graphic designer?

SAT: Viola Estrella – she is lovely

SL: I love the cover for Seconds Before Sunrise. Can you tell us a little bit about it?Displaying SecondsBeforeSunrise-2_copy.jpg

SAT: The covers were actually created very carefully, and I had a very specific design that I wanted. Thankfully, Viola Estrella understood and created my vision beautifully. I have to explain the first cover to explain the second. The first novel is of Jessica in shade form – something I wanted since the novel doesn’t expose her for a long while – and she is blue because she is looking up at Eric during the scene of flight. Every shade has their own color signature, and blue is Eric’s.

The second book – like I said – is about being human, and this time I knew I wanted Eric on the front cover, mainly because he has never understood his human side. (Like how Jessica never knew of her supernatural side in the first book.) His eyes are green, but the cover shows them glowing with the background. This was done to show how his human side blurs with his supernatural side.

SL: Tell us about the handsome dark-haired boy on the cover. ;-)

SAT: I wish I could! But that is someone Viola would have to tell you about. I did get a change to speak with the model of Jessica on the cover of Minutes Before Sunset though. That was neat!

SL: Share a quote about writing or an inspirational quote that motivates you.

SAT: Honestly, I created a quote that inspires me to push myself forward. It is my mantra: Write with passion; succeed with self-discipline.

SL: Love that! Now, for an excerpt…



The sudden voice was barely audible. My heart was racing as fast as my legs were. I leapt over torn up brush and twisted past trees at speeds I couldn’t comprehend. The darkness blended together.

The ground was rigid beneath my feet, and I stumbled as I looked over my shoulder. They were after us. I could feel them, their heat and their strength. The suffocating air was filled with electricity, and it burned against my exposed flesh. As suddenly as it had touched me, it was around my neck.

Her black eyes were boundless, and I lost myself in them before she tossed my body. I flew over her shoulder, easily and helplessly, and collided with wet leaves. My limbs flayed, and I clawed at the ground, attempting to stop my momentum − but it was too late.

My head cracked against a rock, and the sound shuddered through my body. Light consumed my vision before it was replaced with blackness, and then I was awake again.

I saw his eyes first, crystal-blue but clouded with concern. When he met my gaze, he dropped the cold rag he had brushed across my face. The condensation awoke my consciousness.

I gasped, trying to sit up, but his hand pressed my shoulders down. My body reacted to his touch, and his fingers lingered as if he couldn’t let go.

He spoke, but I didn’t hear him, and time blurred like the night had moments before. He moved too quickly, and I couldn’t follow him. He was by the window, and my legs burned as if I’d stood moments before. But I was still in bed, and he spoke by the window.

I couldn’t hear him, but I knew what was happening. He was leaving, and he wouldn’t be back. He disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and I screamed.


Seconds Before Sunrise releases next week on March 22, 2014!


WIP Wednesday

So much for my weekly check in…my last WIP Wednesday post was…hmmmm, let’s see…a little over a month ago! And my last post (that was not a reblog) was on Valentine’s Day. Woopsies. If it’s any consolation, I’ve been trying to concentrate on making the presentation for my PhD comprehensive exam coming up the first week of April (yes, that IS as much fun as it sounds!). Ok, what I’ve actually been doing is binge watching Veronica Mars before the movie comes out. But I’m making up for the lack of activity this week with this post, plus an author interview this Friday! (By the way, if you ever want to be featured on my blog, as a fellow blogger or author, let me know! I love having people on here. Just let me know on here, Facebook or email Now, on with this post.

The purpose of WIP (Work-In-Progress) Wednesdays is so I can set personal writing goals. It also serves as a way to let you all know what I’m working on. I hope you’ll join me and link back to your own or share in the comments! (A few of you have in the past–it’s awesome hearing from you, so thanks!)

To play, just fill in the following:

1. What are you currently writing?

2. Inspirations:

3. Plan for the upcoming week:


1. What are you currently writing?

Despite my impending comprehensive exam and Veronica Mars obsession, I have done some work on Relapse. I have no idea how many words I’ve added to it because really what I’ve done is gutted/reordered what I’ve written so far, haha. Deleted some stuff that I was just like…”Nope!” I don’t know if any fellow authors reading this have ever done this, but I took chunks from here and there and stuck them together into what I think will be a better order in the long run…after I fix the flow, of course. It was weirdly fun. Relapse sits at a little over 26,000 words right now, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a long book…or at least longer than Reborn. But it’s going to be EPIC. (If you need a fix in the meantime and missed it, I posted a special excerpt for Valentine’s Day. Check it out here.)

2. Inspirations:

You know I’m not shy about venting my obsessions on here. Like I said, Veronica Mars is my current one. (Seriously, if you haven’t watched this show, do so, immediately. There are only/sadly three seasons. Tell them Shaina sent you?) This might sound strange, but I’ve also found this show to be very inspirational because I love the writing and the character development. This show leaves me with a lot of feels…feels I hope my readers have after reading Reborn, lol. If you don’t know anything about it, Veronica Mars was a show about a teen detective on the WB and later the CW in the early-ish 2000s. It has a “case of the week” kind of format with an overarching mystery to be solved throughout the season, as well as lots of juicy teen drama, complicated characters and steamy romance. I don’t know why, but I love writing about high school, and this show makes me want to go back to that for a while.

And yes, Neptune High has its very own brooding, complicated rich bad boy, Logan Echolls. Logan and Veronica are now one of my all-time favorite couples. (Also, the actor who plays Logan, Jason Dohring, has grown up nicely! He’s on the right in the second picture below. Although “young” Jason was 21 when he was on the show. I had to look it up, just to make sure…)

Speaking of bad boys, I’m pretty sure the following is the new theme song for Reborn:

3. Plan for the upcoming week:

Watch more Veronica Mars. And then watch the movie. Hey, it’s my spring “break.”

Behind the Covers: Reborn

S. L.:

Behind the cover of Reborn!

Originally posted on Black Kat Designs:

cover for rebornfinal I had a lot of fun with this cover.  It was for a friend and I had read her whole novel when she posted it on her blog.  When she decided to publish it, I offered to help her with the cover and she allowed me to.  Thanks S.L.!  This book hit the best seller’s list on amazon (my third cover to get up there ;) ), so congrats to Miss Stacy.  I can’t wait to work on the cover for the sequel, Relapse, that’s due out this fall.


Behind the design:

  • The butterfly is a reference to the butterfly wings the main character gains after meeting her love interest.  It is something that was a central theme to the design.

  • Genre: New adult/paranormal romance

  • The hardest part of the design?  Working with low res images and trying to beef them up.  There’s a way to make low…

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Milady’s Book Club Welcomes S.L.Stacy

S. L.:

Shehanne Moore’s creation, the fiesty Lady Fury, interviewed mine, Siobhan Elliot…and it was adorable!

Originally posted on Furious Unravelings:

Well, Valentine’s Day is over, thank goodness. You have no idea  how tiresome it was seeing the men’s offerings. I mean things like….  
was  tiresome when some of them don’t have an eye. As for Tibbs threatening to capture the hearts of some of the local wenches, well, that resulted in him ending in jail.
However, we meet again today with the lovely Siobhan, the fictional creation of S.L. Stacy, whose name is already causing some trouble for the gentlemen but there.
you can see that they are all agog. So, without further ado, I just think we should get going before the jail gets filled and we have to leave here in disgrace… Already last week’s offering from the lovely Milady Donahue resulted in the men holding the cover upside down in a bid to see up her heroine’s skirt… I am sure, had Milady Stacy known that, she…

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Excerpt for Valentine’s Day: Eros and Psyche’s Wedding

I wanted to post a special romantic excerpt for Valentine’s Day, so here’s one from my current WIP Relapse. (Keep in mind this is from the first draft, and I don’t know if it will even end up in the final version.) It’s a flashback Siobhan has of Psyche’s/her wedding day. I hope to do some more research into actual Greek wedding customs, haha. But anyway it’s cute, and I hope you enjoy it! 


I study myself in a full-length, gold framed mirror. I’ve grown used to the face staring back at me in these memories—Psyche’s face. The large, deep violet eyes are the same, but she has higher cheekbones and a slightly upturned nose. Hair falls like a white-blonde waterfall down her back. She smooths out pretend wrinkles in her one shoulder, white silk dress and adjusts the gold cord tied at the waist beneath her breasts. Her wings emerge through slits in the back of the dress. The bronze wings of a butterfly-shaped necklace spread across the delicate, pale skin of her chest.


Copyright imagerymajestic

In the mirror, I see an auburn head peek around the door behind me. Nike comes in, a white tunic draped over her tall, thin frame. Her hair is long and plaited into a thick braid down her back.

“You look beautiful,” she says, giving me a quick hug. “It is time to go down.”

Nodding, I follow her out into the corridor, our white slippers whispering over the marble floor.

The next thing I remember is standing on the pale sands of the beach, just out of reach from where the ocean waves slither up the coast. My fingers are curled around a bouquet of unfamiliar white flowers. Nike and, to my surprise, Aphrodite stand on either side of me. Aphrodite, like always, is willowy and golden, her beauty almost as painful to look at as the blinding sun above us.

People stand on either side of a strip of sand leading to my soon-to-be husband. I have a vague memory of what Psyche’s parents looked like, but I don’t see them among the onlookers. Two women with braided blonde hair and hooked noses lurk toward the back of the crowd, scowling at me: Psyche’s biological sisters. Sunlight glints off of Hephaestus’s smooth head somewhere closer to the front. I don’t see Ares.

Aphrodite and Nike walk with me up the aisle. I see a few more faces that look familiar, but I can’t think of their names. One is a tall woman with copper skin, an athletic build and a proud demeanor. Her almond-shaped eyes are as dark as the shiny black hair flowing freely to her waist. As I pass her, she smiles warmly. On the other side of the path is a short but sinewy man with curly dark hair. His pupils are black slits rimmed with reddish irises. Gold wings decorate the backs of his sandals. Beside him stands a girl with bouncing brown curls and watery blue eyes. Her small, pale hands clap excitedly as I walk by. When our eyes meet, her lips pull back into something between a smile and a grimace as she fights to hold back more tears. I return it with a hesitant smile of my own. I look away from the crowd and realize I’m almost at the end. Leaving Aphrodite and Nike behind me, I pick up the skirt of my dress and run the last few feet.

Almost immediately, Eros takes my free hand into his. A breeze ruffles his dark hair away from his golden face. His lips twitch upwards only slightly, but his body is tensed with barely contained excitement. He’s not wearing much except for what looks like a sheet wrapped around his waist, tied with a yellow cord. I resist the sudden urge to run my fingers up and down the rippling muscles of his chest and abdomen.

I hand the bouquet off to Nike and step closer into Eros’s arms, his wings enveloping us in a feathery white curtain. He slides a ring made of an iridescent white metal onto my finger.

“With this ring, I am bound to you, always and forever,” he recites, his breath fresh and sweet against my face.

I slide a similar ring onto his finger and repeat, “With this ring, I am bound to you, always and forever.”